Postdoctoral Research Associates
Logan Mackay

Curriculum Vitae


1991-1993 Marine Engineering: University of Newcastle upon Tyne
1993-1996 BSc in Genetics: Newcastle upon Tyne
1996-1997 MSc in Biotechnology: Nottingham Trent University
1998-1999 Technician in Protein Biochemistry and Mass Spectrometry: U of Edinburgh
1999-2003 PhD in Physical Chemisty: University of Edinburgh
2003-2005 PDRA National High Magnetic Field Lab, Tallahassee, Florida.
2005-current SIRCAMS Facility Manager, University of Edinburgh.

Research Interests

My current research interests include development of novel strategies for automated top down fragmentation, bacterial FT-ICR biotyping, hydrogen Deuterium exchange, MALDI imaging and the development of digital micro fluidics for mass spectrometry.

Research Articles

•Online quench-flow electrospray ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry for elucidating kinetic and chemical enzymatic reaction mechanisms.
Clarke DJ, Stokes AA, Langridge-Smith P,Mackay CL.
Anal Chem. 2010 Mar 1;82(5):1897-904.

•Subdivision of the bacterioferritin comigratory protein family of bacterial peroxiredoxins based on catalytic activity.
Clarke DJ, Ortega XP, Mackay CL, Valvano MA, Govan JR, Campopiano DJ, Langridge-Smith P, Brown AR.
Biochemistry. 2010 Feb 16;49(6):1319-30.

•Gel free analysis of the proteome of intracellular Leishmania mexicana.
Paape D, Barrios-Llerena ME, Le Bihan T, Mackay L, Aebischer T.
Mol Biochem Parasitol. 2010 Feb;169(2):108-14. Epub 2009 Nov 10.

•Precursor ion independent algorithm for top-down shotgun proteomics.
Tsai YS, Scherl A, Shaw JL, MacKay CL, Shaffer SA, Langridge-Smith PR, Goodlett DR.
J Am Soc Mass Spectrom. 2009 Nov;20(11):2154-66. Epub 2009 Aug 13.

•Dissection of the DNA mimicry of the bacteriophage T7 Ocr protein using chemical modification.
Stephanou AS, Roberts GA, Cooper LP, Clarke DJ, Thomson AR, MacKay CL, Nutley M, Cooper A, Dryden DT.
J Mol Biol. 2009 Aug 21;391(3):565-76. Epub 2009 Jun 10.

•Efficient production of human beta-defensin 2 (HBD2) in Escherichia coli.
Vargues T, Morrison GJ, Seo ES, Clarke DJ, Fielder HL, Bennani J, Pathania U, Kilanowski F, Dorin JR, Govan JR, Mackay CL, Uhrín D, Campopiano DJ.
Protein Pept Lett. 2009;16(6):668-76.

•Interrogating the molecular details of the peroxiredoxin activity of the Escherichia coli bacterioferritin comigratory protein using high-resolution mass spectrometry.
Clarke DJ, Mackay CL, Campopiano DJ, Langridge-Smith P, Brown AR.
Biochemistry. 2009 May 12;48(18):3904-14.

•Lactate, a product of glycolytic metabolism, causes coordinated changes in gene expression through histone deacetylase inhibition.
Tom Latham, Logan Mackay, Duncan Sproul, Chris Dobson, Jayne Culley, David J Harrison, Larry Hayward, Nick Gilbert, Bernard Ramsahoye.
Submitted: Mol Cell.

•Sensitive, Specific and Quantitative FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry of Combinatorial Post-Translational Modifications in Intact Histone H4.
Mackay CL, Ramsahoye B, Burgess KEV, Cook K, Weidt S, Creanor J, Harrison D, Langridge-Smith P, Hupp T, Hayward L.
Analytical Chemistry 80(11):4147-4153, (2008).

•Identification of Clusters from Reactions of Ruthenium Arene Anticancer Complex with Glutathione Using Nanoscale Liquid Chromatography Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Mass Spectrometry Combined with 18O-Labelling.
Wang F, Weidt S, Xu J, Mackay CL, Langridge-Smith PRR, Sadler PJ.
J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom, 19, 544-549, (2008).

•Analysis of O-Glycan Heterogeneity in IgA1 Myeloma Proteins by Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry: Implications for IgA Nephropathy.
Renfrow M, Mackay CL, Chalmers MJ, Julian BA, Mestecky J, Kilian M, Poulsen K, Emmett MR, Marshall AG, Novak J.
Submitted Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry.

•Platination of superoxide dismutase with cisplatin: tracking the ammonia ligands using Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry (FT-ICR MS).
Weidt, SK, Mackay CL, Langridge-Smith PRR, Sadler PJ.
Chemical Communications (2007),(17):1719-1721.

•A Combined Mass Spectrometric Approach to the Statistical Validation and Characterization of Biomarkers for End Stage Renal Diseases.
Chalmers MJ, Mackay CL, Hendrickson CL, Wittke S, Walden M, Kaiser T, Mischak H, Marshall AG.
Anal Chem. (2005),77(22):7163-71.

•Fibronectin is chemotactic for CT 26 colon carcinoma cells: sub-lines selected for increased chemotaxis to fibronectin display decreased tumorigenicity and lung colonization.
Geng L, Ali SA, Marshall JF, Mackay CL, Hart IR, Delcommence M, Streuli CH, Rees RC.
Clin Exp Metastasis(1998);16(8):683-91.


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